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We listen to you, we analyze, we confer, we plan, we realize your event. At Alliance-Events we are always attentive to every detail and we work in the frame of your budget. We put at your service our expertise, our know-how and our creativity to advise you, and together with you, we make your dream come true.

From a cozy reception to the organization of a prestigious wedding, we are at your side to design and carry out an exceptional event. The organization of your event requires thoroughness and Alliance Events, your event planner is Israel, has developed a proven methodology to achieve your goal.

From the beginning to the end, it is an authentic partnership between You and Alliance Events and

it means that we'll have to:

Understand your expectations:

Organise a wedding in Israel is not easy, so we offer you the services that suit you (reception areas, catering or chef selection, creative designers, musical entertainment, attractions for your guests, Audio and Video team acquainted with advanced technologies ...)

Define the budget and elaborate the operation schedule:

Together we build the basis of our work which we'll have to adhere to. This includes planning every minute of the entire week of your wedding in Israel.

Offer you a tailor-made service and quality standards beyond your expectations:

we work with reliable and professional service providers to ensure a successful day and respect your event planning.

Assist you in all the administrative procedures:

Rabbanut, Mikweh, Orekh Houpa Rabbi ...

Our efficient production team is on the premises on D-Day:

Vigilant and active, Alliance Events Team is addressing all matter for your peace of mind and to allow you to enjoy your reception with your guests.

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